Celebrating Valentine's Week – An Emerging Trend

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Published: 04th January 2010
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How and when the celebration of Valentine's Day stretched to so many days is not a traceable development. But, the fact remains that this is a tradition gaining popularity especially in urbane and semi urbane regions of the world. In fact, Valentine's Day which has its origins in Christianity has now completely lost all aspects of being a religious holiday.

The increasing popularity and commercialization of valentine's day has led everyone around the world to take the concept of 'Day of Love' a step ahead. These days the celebrations marking this day have extended to a week. Here we discuss the relevance of each of the days which make up Valentine's week.

Rose Day – This first day of the week, which falls on 7th February every year is rose day. People give their would-be Valentines a rose on this day. A rose is symbolic of so many feelings of human nature. The rose colours and their relevance as per this day are, red is for love, pink is for grace and gentle feelings of love, yellow with a tinge of pink represents friendship blossoming into love.

Propose Day – The dictionary meaning of a proposal is 'an appeal for a consideration'. In terms of Valentine's week this proposal of love is to be made on propose day which comes on 8 February every year. The person to whom you have proposed has the right to either answer in yes or no, the answer can come immediately or till Valentine's day.

Chocolate Day – 9th February or the third day of Valentine's week is called chocolate day. This is the day on which you gift chocolates to the person you love, or, to whom you have proposed in celebration of the love that binds the two of you.

Teddy Day - The fourth day of the week of Valentine is celebrated on 10th February every year. People can gift their Valentine's or would-be Valentines soft toys on this day which is known as teddy day.

Promise Day – Valentine's swear to abide by the promises they have made to their loved ones on this day that is known as promise day, it is the fifth day of valentine's week and falls on 11th February every year.

Kiss Day – As the name itself suggests, kiss day is the day when you can express your heartfelt feelings for the one you love by this silent expression of love. This is the sixth day of Valentine's week and thus falls on 12th February.

Hug Day – A hug is another expression of emotions that need not be spoken aloud. If you love someone, or feel gratitude or appreciation towards anyone, just give them a hug. Hug day is the seventh and final day of this week and comes on 13th February.

The basic concept of Valentine's week is that it is a countdown to Valentine's Day. All the days marking Valentine week culminate on 14th of February every year.

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